Get rid of crow’s feet with Botox in Melbourne

Crow’s feet are formed just outside the eye and are a popular area to inject. Each eye is surrounded by a circular muscle made of concentric rings radiating outward from the eye. The portion of this muscle that lies just to the outside of the eye, below the temple, is the part of the muscle that crinkles the skin in this area when we smile or squint. The weakening of this small section of the muscle reduced the appearance of crow’s feet.

The results you get from injecting botox into this area is outstanding. In younger patients early to fine lines could be completely removed. In older patients with heavy lines and excess hanging skin this area had good to extremely good improvement.

The three patterns of crow’s feet

The pattern of crow’s feet is very different from patient to patient. Most people have very distinct crow’s feet patterns, and your crow’s feet pattern does not change with age. Getting older may make your wrinkles more distinct and deeper, but it does not change their pattern. The most common pattern of crow’s feet is what is called the full fan pattern. In this situation, the wrinkles start up near the eyebrow, come down around the corner of the eye, and curl down into the upper cheek. This can also be fixed for filler:

The next two most common forms of crow’s feet, have wrinkles that start at the corner of the eye and either go to the lower eyelid or the top one. Another form of this wrinkle just stays in the corner of the eye.

If you have anyone form of this common wrinkle you will benefit from a botox injection or from an anti wrinkle cream treatment. Below are some outstanding anti wrinkle creams all come with a free trial. Find the one that works best for you. In fact you could sample all three wrinkle creams from the list below and it would not even be close to the cost of driving to your doctors, making an appointment and taking time off to have the procedure done. Wrinkle creams are an excellent alternative to costly Botox – Try them first.

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