Tattoo eyebrows or Eyebrow Feathering in Melbourne.

People who are of the belief that they have to live their entire life with the eyebrows that they are born with are completely wrong. At present, there are a number of ways that have sprung up that help people in their effort of getting bold and dense eyebrows which was not the case previously. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that eyebrow hairs grow very slowly and they are very sparse and this turns out to be very distressing for people when they have to go through over plucked or uneven eyebrows. The eyebrows of a human being serve to be the most noticed and distinctive feature of the face after the eyes and therefore it is important for the eyebrows to be in good condition, dense and beautiful.

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Here are some important steps that can be used in speeding up the growth of eyebrows the natural way without having tattooed Eyebrows.

Take Enough Vitamins

The length and the thickness of an eyebrow are factors that are largely dependent on the hair follicle health. If the hair follicles lack the essential vitamins the eyebrows turn weak and thin and therefore it is always important to have an equal dose of the essential vitamins in order to have radiant skin and beautiful eyebrows. The most important vitamins for eyebrow growth have been enumerated below:

•    Vitamin A: Vitamin A is a very powerful antioxidant that helps in the regeneration of new cells. This vitamin helps in stimulating the growth of the eyebrows and also helps in eliminating wrinkles. A very small amount of vitamin A can be of good help for the hair and the skin. People lagging behind in the intake of vitamin A should have more of orange and green vegetables and fruits like peaches, apricots, alfalfa, carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin.

•    Vitamin C: Vitamins C helps in improving blood circulation as well as in helping antioxidant action in the hair follicles. Vitamin C is highly found in citrus fruits and people should take this fruits for the dense growth of their eyebrows.

•    Vitamin E: Vitamin E aids in thickening the eyebrows, promoting their normal growth and revitalizing the skin cells. This vitamin is found in olive oil, dark green and leafy vegetables, avocados and almonds.

•    Essential Fatty Acids: Essential fatty acids help in improving the texture of the eyebrows and they also prevent brittle and dry eyebrows. Salmon is a very good source of essential fatty acids and it is also called Omega 3 fatty acid.

Use of Vitamin E Oil

People who suffer from the problem of thin and brittle eyebrows should make it a point to apply vitamin E oil directly to the eyebrows before going to bed because vitamin E oil greatly helps in improving the texture of the eyebrows. Petroleum jelly can also be used for this purpose. However, vitamin E oil is always a good choice because of the fact that it is much more advantageous for the skin and the hair.

Avoid Damaging the Eyebrows

People especially women should try and avoid rubbing their eyes very often. This activity might seem harmless but if it becomes a habit and is continued on a daily basis, it can be quite damaging and can also lead to falling out of the eyebrows. It is also important to be very gentle while using any cosmetic or brush on the eyebrows. The eyebrows should not be pressed too hard. Eyebrow pencils used on the brows should be removed after use because this allows the eyebrows in getting some room to be able to breathe in the proper manner.

Take Proper Nutrients

Speaking about nutrients, eyebrow growth not only requires the intake of vitamins but at the same time people should also try and take a lot of minerals that are also considered to be very beneficial for maximum hair growth. The most beneficial nutrients for eyebrow growth include silica, magnesium, biotin, zinc, vitamin B6 and sulfur.

Take Protein-rich diet

People should always take a diet that is rich in protein because hair is made from protein and hair growth requires more of protein.

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