About us

We give advice on Cosmetic procedures a specially on Botox.

We aim to give you the most professional service possible. With know trained doctors and great locations you can rely on us. Botox works extremely well, and lasts a long time, and if money is not a problem it’s worth every penny.

When frown lines are really deep and have been present for years, Botox cannot eliminate them at first. The wrinkle is just too deep. But Botox can make it less visible. After years its fair to say it will go away or improve considerably. As long as patients know this ahead of time they are generally happy.

Botox relaxes the muscle that was the primary cause for the line in the first place. Sometimes the wrinkle is just too deep to be removed by Botox, doctors will recommend an injection of both Botox and Collagen. This combo produces incredible results.

Botox is the first line of defense, frown lines begin and end with muscle wrinkling the skin it gives the best results of any single treatment other than surgery. Surgery has at least a two week recovery time, and is much more invasive.