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  Text Box:   Important Message for All                     NSWAGTC MembersOur Association is a not-for-profit, member-funded and member-run organisation.  We receive no funding from external sources and are completely reliant on volunteers to operate. With a decreasing number of committee members and volunteers, we can no longer provide the services we want to provide for our membership. We need your help. We need it now. We have issued numerous calls for volunteers in recent years – in Gifted, on the website, and on the member forums.  The situation is now critical. We are appealing to you to:•	Nominate for a committee position and help us develop a strategy to move forward•	Volunteer to help in any way you can. There are many small jobs to be done and most can be done from home.The NSWAGTC came into existence on 20 August 1979, to support parents and generally raise awareness of the unmet needs of gifted kids in school. The fortunes of the Association have ebbed and flowed over the ensuing 35 years, according to the capacity of the committee and the amount of productive support received from members. If you believe, like we do, that parents and educators in NSW still need a Gifted Association, you need to act now. Together, we can make this happen. Please email Naomi or Rosemary on

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Renewing is simple. Login, then go to the My profile link on the MyNSWAGTC menu. Open the Membership/Subscription tab and then click on Renew Now (or Upgrade). Renewing your optional AJGE subsription is an additional step. Contact us if you have any problems.

Special OfferGet extra copies of our magazine, Gifted, at special prices! Members can order extra copies for only $6.95 per copy. Bulk orders (10+) are only $5.50 per copy. Simply tell us what you want

The committee thanks you for your patience with the delayed production of  Gifted. The next two editions will be published very soon.

NSWAGTC for Parents

Team_photo_9505_20091105_FlippedCONFUSED or just wondering about your children being different? We have experienced parents who are happy to share their experience and understanding with you. Come to our seminars and workshops, join one of our support groups, receive our quarterly journal and participate in one of our forum discussions.

NSWAGTC for Teachers

Learn_and_ShareNEED professional development or advice with issues at your school or childcare centre? We have experienced and keen educators who are happy to share their experience and understanding with you. Come to our seminars and workshops, receive our quarterly journal and participate in the teacher forum discussions.

Maybe this is what you need...

BR_CollageReviews of Children's Books

The NSWAGTC site has a great collection of reviews of books for gifted readers, thanks to the reviews and coordination of Catriona Coote.

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