As many of you may be aware, there has been little activity on the Association website for some time and the most recent communication was a call for volunteers. We did receive a lovely response from some members to help out in many ways but unfortunately we remain desperate for Committee Members to come on and plan for the future of the association.

To try and resolve this situation, we called an urgent meeting of members to discuss the future of the association or whether it is necessary, after over 35 years, to wind down the association due to lack of committee volunteers.

I would like to extend a vote of thanks to those that made it in person to the meeting and those who emailed behind the scenes. The meeting was a worthwhile debate about the current not-for-profit market and the support services the NSWAGTC could actually provide to anyone seeking assistance.

Unfortunately though following this meeting it appears as though the future of the Association is limited and in the short term, this website is temporarily being placed on hold.

As soon as the paperwork and other matters can be brought up to date, we will call an AGM of the Association to resolve its future.

Should you have any questions in the meantime or if you joined in the past twenty four months, please contact us for a membership refund, if we haven’t already issued you with one. The current email address to use is:

Thank you again everyone for your past support.