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Urgent Call for Member Meeting!

July 5, 2015


As many of you may be aware, there has been little activity on the Association website for some time and the most recent communication was a call for volunteers. We did receive a lovely response from some members to help out in many ways but unfortunately we remain desperate for Committee Members to come on and plan for the future of the association.

We are calling an urgent meeting of members to discuss the future of the assocation or whether it is necessary, after over 35 years, to wind down the assocaition due to lack of committee volunteers.

If you would like to attend the meeting will be held:

1 pm August 2nd 2015

Club Burwood

97 Burwood Road


There is free parking available near by at the corner of George and Elsie Streets and it is quite close to the Burwood train station.

The purpose of this meeting is to determine the future of the assocation and to be absolutely clear, we MUST leave this meeting with a full Committee in place or the Assocation will have no other option but to proceed with activities for winding up. Should the latter be the option we are left with, a Special General Meeting will be called to finalise this resolution. Should the former be the option, ALL posititions on the Committee must be filled and a meeting of the Committee scheduled following this meeting. We are not currently operating as per the Constitution and the remaining one or two core volunteers simply cannot keep up with just the admin workload with the time available and must step down due to this and other reasons.

To those who responded to the SOS out to members, you will also be contacted separately as well to provide additional background to this communication. Thank you for your response and you haven't been forgotten.

If you can't attend this meeting but would definitely like to volunteer for the committee email giftedfiling@gmail.com.

If you have recently joined and paid fees you should also contact us via that email address for a refund until all of this can be sorted out.

Thank you everyone and I hope that we can have a good outcome to this meeting.

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